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Lisa, owner of Something Sassy, holds a glass of wine and says "cheers" to a successful business!

Since I was a young girl, I always enjoyed doing crafts with my late mother. On a cold winter day in Vermont, we would drink cocoa and try our hand at any craft that came to mind. Now a few years later (wink, wink) I've decided to keep my mom's memory alive, by sharing our joy with you.


I am often asked if there is a meaning behind the name, when my first niece was just learning to talk, she could not say Aunt Lisa, so I became Aunt Sassy. She is my right hand in helping me with this business and I've been teaching her what my mom taught me, we know she is watching over our adventures with this business.


As you can see from the pictures, we are enjoying trying our hand at just about anything; coffee mugs, wine glasses, pillows, blanket sets, beautiful wreaths, and more.  Everything we make can be tailored to your needs! We’re always happy to make custom orders for our valued clients and look forward to creating something perfect for you!



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So, Why Something Sassy?

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